Moving through the world as a person of marginalized identity is easier when you know what’s out there for you. This is an always growing list of resources broken up by topic. Click around the links below to learn something new! This is a living, changing comprehensive page of info, so if you know of something that isn’t here but should be, or is here and flawed, tell me about it here. Happy reading!

Disability (general):

The Mighty

Special Needs Trusts and ABLE Accounts

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

Madeline Stuart


The Exosym Brace

The Souls of our Feet

Stella Young’s Ted Talk

Permobil Mobility

Walk Easy crutches

Cerebral Palsy:

Cerebral Palsy Wiki

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Cerebral Palsy Strong

Robyn Lambird

Maysoon Zayid

Zach Anner

SDR Surgery

Disability in the Arts:

Phamaly: www.phamaly.org
Apothetea: http://www.theapothetae.org/
Deaf West: http://www.deafwest.org/

Spoke N’ Motion:http://www.spokenmotiondance.org/
Axis: http://www.axisdance.org/



Performance with disability:

Deaf Culture:
General: https://www.verywell.com/deaf-culture-deaf-disabled-both-10
National theatre of the Deaf: http://www.ntd.org/
ASL in theatre:http://www.lifeprint.com/…/theatre-incorporating-american-s…
Deaf West’s Spring Awakening: http://www.theatlantic.com/…/spring-awakening-and-t…/411061/
Nyle DiMarco: http://www.nyledimarco.com/

Queer Stuffs:

Butch Stud Submit


Colage- for kids with LGBTQ parent(s)

True Colors Conference

Queer Sex Ed

True Colors Fund

It Gets Better

The Trevor Project

Required Reading:

GOP Medicaid/Medicare cuts


Education is the Only Choice

The Problem with Accessible Fashion

Schools aren’t Preparing Disabled Students…

Here’s What it’s Like…

Mental Health/Support:

National Sexual Assault Hotline

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Active Minds

Sex Positive resources:

Disability After Dark


Sexuality and Disability: a Seat at the Table

Japan Offers Sex Services…

The Wet Seat