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For Sonya, a path in the arts and social activism was inevitable from the beginning. With the support of her two moms, she has been a fierce self advocate and activist since the age of 8. While interested in creating a more socially just world on the whole, Sonya is specifically drawn to intersections of oppression, LGBTQ+, and disability issues. She has given workshops and spoken on various panels around the United States, most notably at the 2014 True Colors Conference.  In 2015, she released a full length documentary on disability called The Souls of our FeetSince it’s release, hundreds of copies have been distributed, and the film has been featured at Northeastern University and Emerson College, among others. For her efforts in social justice, Sonya was honored as the 2014 recipient of the University of Rochester Book Award for Social Justice, and the 2015 Elizabeth Sonneborn Aufsessor award and scholarship. Recently Sonya worked as a case manger in a program for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities experiencing homelessness.

When not social justice-ing, Sonya is pursuing a career in theatre. She studies Arts Management at Purchase College, with the intent of creating theatre by and for people of marginalized identity. Sonya has worked extensively with Phamaly Theatre Co., the only professional theatre company for performers with disabilities in the world. Additionally, Sonya crafted an integrated movement piece entitled Shoes Off in 2016 with collaborator Liana Genoud. Watch it here.


On a lighter note, I like to bake, sing, and obviously write! If I could have lunch with anyone, it would be Emma Watson (because she’s Emma Watson) OR my twin AJ (because they’re pretty kickass), and I have an irrational fear of moths.