Where She Stands

Hi, you’ve found Where She Stands! Where She Stands chronicles the excitements, embarrassments, and general goings on of a disabled, queer, life loving woman:


That’s me, Sonya!

A year and a half ago, I started writing down my thoughts on Spastically Yours and realized that my hodge-podge of identities gives me something unique to share! What that ‘something’ is can be hilarious, heartbreaking, eye-opening, OR just another millennial rambling, who’s to say?!

No matter which way ya slice it, we all have a voice. And Where She Stands is one person not waiting to share hers. You can see my Spastically Yours posts and New Stuff™ here, with a new post going live about once a month, when I have time in between going to school full time, making art, wooing The Ladies, and smashing the patriarchy. So click around- maybe you’ll laugh, maybe you’ll learn, or maybe you’ll use this to procrastinate that thing you said you’d finish yesterday. Really it’s a win-win-win.

Here’s a pic of some chocolate chip cookies I made to send you on your way, because everything is better with cookies:


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